Formality and Agility

Looking for Common Grounds Within Different Realms.

In this article, Jose Silva addresses managers involved in the maintenance of software development processes. The information provided should help readers make more conscious decisions on what and how to include agile practices in a formal software development process. The author also provides a real case example and the practical results that came from this experience.

About the author

José Gonçalo Silva's picture José Gonçalo Silva

José Gonçalo Silva ( has an M.Sc. in software development. He's currently working at Critical Software, S.A. as a project manager and PMO. He is also responsible for the company's quality assurance projects and services for external customers.

About the author

Paulo Rupino da Cunha's picture Paulo Rupino da Cunha

Paulo Rupino da Cunha ( holds a Ph.D. in informatics engineering. He is currently an assistant professor of information systems at the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

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