Failure Is Not an Option


This paper discusses the factors involved in determining the cost of a 24x7 e-commerce or internal Web site going offline for any length of time. After determining these costs, and showing a real-life example calculation, the paper then goes into several ways to minimize this risk via hardware architecture, software architecture, and stress testing.

About the author

Ed Bryce's picture Ed Bryce

Ed Bryce has over twenty-one years of experience in software development, Quality Assurance, and testing in a variety of industries including manufacturing, software applications, engineering design, and systems integration. With seven years at Microsoft, Ed has been responsible for multiple-project test labs, data warehousing testing, web and traditional client-server based internal applications, localization testing,and meeting ISO 9000 requirements for European clients of Microsoft Consulting Services. Ed managed large cross-functional teams across multiple business units and was responsible for multi-million dollar budgets. Prior to Microsoft, Ed worked at the Aldus Corporation (now Adobe) managing the testing effort for the PageMaker desktop publishing application. Ed also has experience at Deloitte and Touché working on a multi-year software integration project for The Boeing Company, where he was the Quality Assurance manager over the multi-company team. In addition to traditional software development projects, Ed also designed, developed, tested, and implemented aerospace manufacturing systems for a major missile manufacturing company.

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